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376RE: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

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  • Charles Ford
    Jan 8, 2002
      At 04:21 PM 1/8/02 -0700, you wrote:
      >The wafer slices are in a transparent encapsulant covered with glass or
      >transparent plastic.
      >You said panel I believe.

      Oh... I would have meant to say array...

      Anyway. The amorphous glass type do actually roast if you overexpose
      them. The Si chips are OK at 2X and require heat sinks any higher then that..

      I have an experimental unit. It is an aluminum troth that offers 4X
      exposure if properly aligned. You lay the troth west to east and there is
      only one azimuth adjustment. It is water cooled (offering some extra
      energy which I have not figured out how to use yet. It adjusts it position
      about every three or four days. There is an added bonus in that the chips
      face down into the troth protecting them from the sometimes violent Texas
      Weather. (its hail proof)

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