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372RE: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

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  • Charles Ford
    Jan 8, 2002
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      --- kirk <kirk@...> wrote:
      > >It would be
      > interesting to compare the power output on a sq.foot
      > by sq.foot basis, against a PV panel.
      > You can calculate it.
      > The Minto wheel will NOT pay for itself.
      > That is why it was given away.
      > Build a 100 watt wheel and solar collector to drive it.
      > You will see what I mean.

      Last time I looked Si solar PV arrays were going for about
      $6.40/W Efficiency pushing 15% (range 13.5% to 14.7%)

      These Si PVs can tolerate up to about 5X solar exposure... So
      if you are interested in making a basic tracker and using solar

      concentrators you can get out for cheap (will still only
      extract an average of about 13W/m^2

      But even then the Solar equipment is barely able to make costs
      over its life span.

      I have been working with a local shop that does nationwide
      legacy computer servicing. These folks are GREAT and making
      things that
      don't work any more work again good as new. They want to set
      up a solar array recycling/referbishing center here in Fort

      Anybody know where I can get my hands on the old week and dead

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