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371RE: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

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  • kirk
    Jan 8, 2002
      >It would be
      interesting to compare the power output on a sq.foot
      by sq.foot basis, against a PV panel.

      You can calculate it.
      The Minto wheel will NOT pay for itself.
      That is why it was given away.

      Build a 100 watt wheel and solar collector to drive it.
      You will see what I mean.

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      Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 10:31 AM
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      Subject: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

      True, 550 foot pounds per minute isn't a lot of power,
      but neither is the 50 watts you get from a PV panel.
      But the fact that you can make that power outa a 'low
      grade' heat source is something note-able.
      The argument of time and materials costing $, also
      applies to PV panels as well as solar heating panels.
      Yet we know that they are 'worth it' simply because
      the energy is free and their upkeep is minimal. The
      same can be said for the Minto wheel.
      The Minto wheel does have the advantage of being
      able to be made out of readily available materials as
      opposed to a PV panel or most other things short of a
      Stirling engine. It is even self starting which is
      more than can be said for an LTD Stirling engine.
      Just as; given enuf time, your clock motor winch
      can lift me off the ground. Given enuf time; a Minto
      wheel should be able to pay for itself as well, after
      that it is all good.... except for a squirt of oil now
      and again.
      The Dragon
      PS: Wally Minto ran his 'demo' 5ft. wheel off a small
      solar panel and even using mirrors. Too bad we don't
      have 'the numbers' telling us how much power the wheel
      produced in those configurations. It would be
      interesting to compare the power output on a sq.foot
      by sq.foot basis, against a PV panel.

      PSS: It was postulated once that the wheel could be
      run simply by setting it in the sun with the upper
      half of the wheel shaded. If this would work, would
      this not make it a truly AMBIENT ENERGY device?

      > Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 18:44:07 -0700
      > From: "kirk" <kirk@...>
      > Subject: RE: Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric
      > The materials to build are not free. Time isn't
      > free.
      > The heat to drive it could be better spent.
      > It just doesn't pencil.
      > Torque says nothing about power. Time is needed as
      > well.
      > 550 foot pounds per minute is not a horsepower.
      > I can lift you off the ground with the motor in an
      > electric clock.
      > Obviously zip power but in enough time will do the
      > lift.
      > Don't take my word for it. Pencil it. It isn't
      > rocket science.
      > The Minto wheel is a conversation piece. Nothing
      > more.
      > Kirk

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