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367RE: [AMBIENTENERGY] Re: Minto / Solar / Thermoelectric

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  • kirk
    Jan 5, 2002
      That is the best page I have ever seen on the Minto wheel.
      However, I have penciled what it takes for just a half kilowatt unit and the
      wheel becomes a monster. The flow rate for any resonable power is large and
      small pipe won't do. Also the pipe volume has to be a small percentage of
      the tank volume for any efficiency and there are other problems too.

      If you want a conversation piece in the back yard go for it but don't hope
      for much else.


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      Hi Folks!

      Details to design your own Minto Wonderwheel;


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      > Hello all,
      > Minto
      > I'm new to the list. Glad I found you guys. I see by the archive
      > that the list is fairly new. I've only had a chance to scan over
      the July

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