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6984Bike Show: Italian Sporting Bikes of the 70s

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  • chairiders
    Jun 6, 2017

      Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 10, when (rain or shine) we are hosting an all-day bike show extravaganza put together by Moto Borgotaro. The theme: Italian Sporting Bikes of the 70's. All original bikes, all-time classic designs, all in one place, for one day only. This is going to be our biggest event of the year—don’t miss out!
      Why “Italian Sporting Bikes,” and why specifically from “The 1970′s”? We hope that once this presentation is made these questions will answer themselves. But in short, this was a very special time for motorcycling. A confluence of factors—social, economical, technological—gave the motorcycle world a decade of some of the most unforgettable and soulful designs of all time.
      see link fo rmore info

      Lauren Secular