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NEW RAW MILK FARMER...possible Chattanooga delivery

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  • John Langlois
    Got a note from a WAPF counterpart about a raw milk source in TN. Thought those of you in TN might need this. John Langlois, Moderator Hi everyone, This is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
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      Got a note from a WAPF counterpart about a raw milk source in TN. 
      Thought those of you in TN might need this.

      John Langlois,

      Hi everyone,
      This is a HUGE new opportunity. A Grade A dairy farm has decided to start selling raw
      milk--this is historic and unprecedented in our area. His name is John and he can provide
      up to 250 gallons per day of raw cow milk! He has a herd of Holsteins and Jerseys that are
      pastured/grassfed as much as possible. The milk he delivers is from his Jerseys. This is a
      WONDERFUL opportunity. I cannot tell you how excited I am about it.

      He is a strong believer in grass feeding. As a rule, it is what he does. But since the
      drought he will have to feed a little bit more grain this winter to take care of the cow's
      needs and weight. He will have his milk tested for pathogens once a month...this is a
      really good thing.

      His milk is not "certified" organic yet, but that is just a technicality since all he does is
      organic. His pastures are all organic--no spraying no anything like that. In the
      wintertime, his cows receive about 50% hay, a little corn, and the rest is pasture when
      weather permits. In the spring and summertime, his cows will receive almost all grass.

      No BST, no antibiotics, and no hormone shots are ever given to the cows. He uses all
      natural medicines and he has eliminated all soy from his feed. One thing he really works
      on is giving the cows a high mineral level in their diet, so the milk therefore is higher in
      nutrition for humans. The minerals he feeds are organic also.

      Eventually, he is planning on replacing all his Holstein cows with with Jerseys or some
      similar crossbreed-- some breed that is more receptive to grass feeding than Holsteins.

      He will also be starting to provide butter and cream as soon as he can get that up and
      rolling. He has not decided on the price yet for those. He has eggs right now, pastured in
      the Joel Salatin method for $3.50 per dozen.

      John's raw milk will be delivered in Nashville every Saturday, from 9:30AM to 11:00AM in
      the Green Hills area. The driver, Kenny Brown and his wife Cindy are considering
      deliveries into Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, and also many places in between. If
      you are interested in getting Kenny to come your way, or if any of you in Georgia would
      like to get his milk, let Cindy know. She is trying to see if there are enough customers to
      justify a trip. She would need an area coordinator to drop the milk off with, and leave it
      with, so that they can continue on with their deliveries without having to wait at for
      everyone to arrive to get their milk. If you would want to be a coordinator let her know
      that as well.

      The purchasing is structured as a private LLC buying club, kind of like a Sam's Club
      membership, which will take it out of the the purview of the Ag. Department because it
      will be a private buying club using private contracts--it comes under contract law and is
      constitutionally protected. There will be a small premium to join--$30 annually. The
      milk costs $7 per gallon. But it's not milk you're paying for, it is for his labor. That labor
      comes to $7 per gallon. No money ever changes hands for milk, as SELLING farm fresh
      milk is illegal in our states. It is not the milk we are paying for but his labor. One request
      from John is, never ever put this price in writing to anyone, or his address and contact
      info--just this posting is okay and personal emails to people you know.

      The way it would work is that basically you would place your order online and then come
      get your milk each week at the delivery point from Kenny. John does not have email or
      voice mail. The best way to communicate with John right now is through his driver, Kenny
      Brown and his wife Cindy Brown (cbmom4@hotmail. com). Their phone is 615-336-6024.

      Shawn Dady
      shawn@sunsetblvdstu dios.com

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