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  • John Langlois
    Just in case you didn t see this. John Langlois, Moderator INFORMATION ALERT MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The deadline for our membership drive is November 8th. Anyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2006
      Just in case you didn't see this.

      John Langlois,


      MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The deadline for our membership drive is November 8th. Anyone signing up 15 new members receives full registration to our 7th annual conference; anyone signing up 5 new members receives a signed copy of the deluxe edition of Nourishing Traditions. And lots of members signing up just one or two new members will be contributing to our growth and ability to get our message to the millions. For a membership form, go to www.westonaprice.org/membershipform.pdf. Be sure to put your name on the "Membership Introduction" line so that we can acknowledge your efforts.

      CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: If you have not yet registered for Wise Traditions, 2006, our 7th annual conference, we urge you to do so before October 23. Prices go up after that date. The Saturday evening banquet is almost sold out, so don't delay! The cut-off for hotel room reservations is October 19. Call (800) 635-5666 or see cwp.marriott.com/iadwf/westonapricewiseconf/ for details. Continuing Education Units are available for many health professions. Check our website for details.

      A symposium on Soils and Human Health will be held on Wednesday November 15, 2006 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The symposium will explore a wide range of connections between soils and health including mineral nutrition, heavy metals, livestock grazing versus confinement, global dust, deserts and human social behavior, nature contact for physiological well being, and history of organic and holistic theories. The symposium was organized by the Council on History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Soil Science and is sponsored by the Soil Science Society of America. This would be an excellent follow-up to our 7th annual conference. The complete symposium program list of speakers, titles, and abstracts can be viewed on the web: a-c-s.confex.com/crops/2006am/techprogram/S2890.HTM. The public is welcome to attend the symposium but registration is required: www.acsmeetings.org/registration/.

      ORGANIC PASTURES UPDATE: Organic Pastures (OP) raw milk is back on the shelves in all California stores after a state recall two weeks ago. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) found zero pathogens in any samples of pasture manure, milk or even products consumed by two children that became part of the state's excuse to attack raw milk. In spite of reports in the press, only two children got sick, not four. Two additional children were claimed to become ill but the state cannot identify them. They were never hospitalized and recovered without medical care at home in two or three days as best OP can determine. One of the parents of the sickened children even went on TV and told the world that it was not the raw milk that caused her child's illness, but probably raw spinach or sushi.

      Even after being released by the Fresno County Health Department on Friday October 6th, the Organic Pastures Farmers Market team was heavily harassed by LA County Health Department inspectors on Saturday October 7th. The inspectors demanded that OP stop selling raw milk even after dairy personnel showed them the required release documents. OP threatened them with personal lawsuits and they backed off. The inspectors spent two hours obstructing sales and scaring away consumers. One consumer told the inspectors...."give me my raw milk or arrest me!"

      Organic Pastures is developing long-term strategies to change the paradigm and connect consumers with a well-funded and directed voice. News on this front will come in a few days. Mark Arax of the LA Times is working on a huge expose on the recall and the dairy plans to file lawsuits this week. Please visit organicpastures.com for updates and details.
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