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ALPA meeting minutes, May 13

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  • irvin dawid
    attached and pasted below: May 13 ALPA Meeting - Minutes Welcome & IntroductionsSteve L, Jeff R, Irvin, John B10-minute presentation by Menlo Park resident
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2009
    attached and pasted below:

    May 13 ALPA  Meeting - Minutes


    1. Welcome & Introductions
      1. Steve L, Jeff R, Irvin, John B
      2. 10-minute presentation by Menlo Park resident Mark Lanza on his work on Playgrounds

                                                                   i.      Blogger, author, playborhood.com.  Fatherhood gives him a new perspective on urban planning, particularly playgrounds. Grassroots approach to making change rather than via neighborhood/city approach - changing his front yard.  Goal: create community life using one’s own property without making code changes.

                                                                 ii.      “Fences make bad neighbors”

                                                                iii.      Invites all to stop by his ‘front yard’: 226 Yale Rd , Allied Arts Neighborhood, little traffic but no sidewalks which doesn’t appear to be a problem


    1. 801 Alma :
      1. Status update:  See details sent to ALPA Executive Group.  Watch for June 1 City Council meeting.
      2. Review new letter (not available)


    1.  Discussion on      Decision on College Terrace Centre draws ire
      1. Proposal defeated by P&TC: 6-1.  Folks express dismay.  Are they out-of-touch? 
      2. Steve L suggests that a grocery store may not be supported by the economics and that a café could be more appropriate.  Questions the provisions made for JJ&F.
      3. Others feel that the “JJ&F zoning” was appropriate, and disapproved of P&TC rejection because ‘not enough footage was given to grocery site”.  Jeff: once again, P&TC plans for the best and end up with nothing.


    1. State legislation – Odometer bill, AB1135, Skinner, continued from April meeting.  (bill is in appropriations on ‘suspense’:


      1. We were asked by bill sponsor, TransForm, a coalition of smart growth+ groups of which we are a member, to ‘sign-on’ to a letter of support.
      2.  As there was not unanimity at our last meeting, we chose to defer.  Unfortunately, Steve Levy can’t attend next meeting, so he engaged in email dialog with our TransForm liaison, Irvin, on pros and cons.
      3. Bill intention:  Requires vehicle owners to record their odometer 
        readings when applying for registration renewal. Purpose: provide measurement of ‘VMT’ more accurate than current models can provide that will essentially show how ‘car dependent’ neighborhoods are, thus showing if TOD, infill policies are working to reduce climate change by reducing driving.
      4. Will this ‘tool’ help ALPA advocate for livable communities?
      5. Steve Levy indicates he ahs dropped his opposition and encourages us to submit letter to the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner/Oakland, in support.
    1. Next meeting:   John will be leaving and returning May 20.  Suggest we meet May 26 or 27 (Tues or Weds); 10 am .  Irvin to send out ‘scheduler’.

     Respectfully submitted,

    Irvin Dawid

    Alliance for a Livable Palo Alto , secretary & liaison to TransForm

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