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Re: [SLU-FORUM] Tuesday 11/27, 5:30pm - Menlo Park City Council Study Session - Growth Without Auto Traffic

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  • Irvin Dawid
    thanks for posting here, Adina - I m hoping to make it. Kudos to whomever organized it. We need more outside thinkers - and professionals here on the
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      thanks for posting here, Adina - I'm hoping to make it.
      Kudos to whomever organized it.

      We need more outside thinkers - and professionals here on the Peninsula.
      Sad truth is that most pols only hear from residents who complain that whatever development goes up will cause too much traffic, and the solution is to reduce the development to reduce the traffic.

      I hope you contacted the good folks at Streetsblog as this is just the type of event they would be interested in covering.


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      On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Adina Levin <aldeivnian@...> wrote:
      On Tuesday at 5:30pm, the Menlo Park City Council is holding a study session with two guests speakers to help Menlo Park get up to speed on multi-modal transportation planning, in preparation for the 2013 launch of a General Plan update process.

      If you are interested how to achieve economic growth without gridlock in Menlo Park and nearby communities, this is an opportunity to learn from experts.

      Rick Williams of Williams Consulting will present on Transportation Demand Management and Transportation Management Associations (see below).   In the Lloyd District of Portland, this approach enabled the district to double employment without auto traffic growth, reducing drive-alone mode share from nearly 80% to around 40%.     Rick Williams consults to many jurisdictions on how to use these methods.

      Kamala Parks of Kittleson Associates will present on Multi-Modal Level of Service, which is one of the emerging methods to shift away from the vehicle-centric transportation planning methods of the 20th century.   Traditional transportation planning sets as its pre-eminent goal  "automotive level of service (Auto LOS)" - reducing delay at key vehicle intersections.  In much of the US, Auto LOS has taken precedence over the needs of transit, biking, and walking, making these modes more difficult and increasing auto-dependence. One alternative is to use "multi-modal level of service" to set standards for other modes as well.

      This is a public study session at 5:30pm at Menlo Park Council Chambers, 701 Laurel Street (near MP Caltrain, accessible from Laurel or Alma).  Regular Council session will start at 7pm.

      Definitions: Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a set of techniques to support alternatives to solo driving.  While TDM programs are most well-known among large employers such as Facebook, Google and Stanford,  Transportation Management Associations enable small and medium size employers and developments to join together to achieve the benefits of TDM for a district.  

      - Adina
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