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June 4 City Council Meeting: 195 Page Mill

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  • Irvin Dawid
    Monday, June 4, 2012 Dear Mayor Yeh and City Council, Re: 195 Page Mill
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      Monday, June 4, 2012

      Dear Mayor Yeh and City Council,

      Re: 195 Page Mill Roadmixed-use development 

      I write to you in strong support of this project.

      I believe that this development, should you approve it, would be the first market-rate rentals planned for Palo Alto since a nearby development on Sheridan Ave was approved a considerable time ago.  I know from my past experience working with the Alliance for a Livable Palo Alto that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to build market-rate rentals in our city.  The common knowledge has been that the land is too pricey here to do anything but ownership housing - and apartment construction is relegated to less expensive properties in Mtn View and Redwood City.

      In fact, the Palo Alto Daily Post had an article on the front page of the weekend edition (June 2), “Peninsula rents surging: Mtn. View is now the poor man’s Palo Alto”.  The article quoted the owner of BayRentals.com who stated, “ Most people work in Palo Alto....but live in Mtn. View”.

      It’s good to see that 17 of the 84 proposed units will be affordable rentals.  As you no-doubt know, ever since the 2009 infamous Palmer court decision, cities can not require that there be an affordable component to residential rental construction.

      The development of 195 Page Mill Rd. presents a rare opportunity to build market rate rentals accompanied by affordable units in a transit-accessible area that is within walking distance to the California Ave. business district.  Let’s not pass this one by!


      Irvin Dawid
      753 Alma St., #126, Palo Alto, CA  94301
      650-283-6534 (cell)

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