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Corte Madera: Time to exit ABAG

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  • Irvin Dawid
    ... Corte Madera council votes to leave ABAG Marin Independent
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2012
      Now mayor of Corte Madera, Bob Ravasio says he is worried Marin could lose its charm because of state and regional pressure to build more housing.

      Corte Madera council votes to leave ABAG

      Marin Independent Journal, 3-7-12 

      Ravasio and other Marin officials have directed much of their frustration toward the Association of Bay Area Governments, an agency that oversees regional land use planning and represents the Bay Area's nine counties and 101 cities and towns. The Corte Madera Town Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to end its membership in the agency known as ABAG.

      Several members of the council said they want to go a step further and create a new Marin council of governments that would be independent of ABAG...... 

      Tuesday's decision, which takes effect in July 2013, will save Corte Madera approximately $2,350 in yearly membership dues but was mostly symbolic. The town would still be subject to state housing mandates — overseen in the Bay Area by ABAG — that have been a source of controversy in Marin.....

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