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Thought this might be interest to this group!

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  • lee mei
    I agree with this person, 100%! Density should be counted in units of hundreds, not single digits. Then you get ridership in your trains and buses, and
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      I agree with this person, 100%!  Density should be counted in units of hundreds, not single digits.  Then you get ridership in your trains and buses, and shuttles.
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      Subject: Re: [ALPA_Forum] weakly: PA challenges regional growth projections


      thanks for sending, Steve.

      I was @council last night - the item was delayed as they had their hands full with Cubberley - and even the rebuilding the Newell Rd bridge in Crescent Park over San Francisquito Creek that brought out EPA Mayor Carlos Romero. Nothing is easy in this town!

      I particularly liked this posting in the Town Forum on this issue. I can't say I agree with him or her, but I sure do like the attitude!

      Posted by NimbysRUs, a resident of the Professorville neighborhood, 20 hours ago


      Palo Alto needs needs additional housing. The downtown area is already moving in that direction. There have been three teardowns within a two blocks of where I live, with charming older houses replaced by no-yard, built out to the sidewalk, ugly looking townhouses. That is rather poor and ineffective way to increase housing density. Better to build two or three ten story high rises downtown where they belong than to trash our beautiful single family dwelling neighborhoods. And the increased traffic? That is what good urban planning is all about, and nimby-ism is NOT good urban planning.

      What is it with some Palo Alto residents and the super NIMBY attitude anyway? High speed rail? Eeeeek! Alleviate the housing shortage? Aaaaaghhh! Trying to stop change and progress is like trying to sweep back the ocean with a broom. The Neanderthals did the same thing and look what happened to them.

      for more comments on the regional SB 375 process, go to the forum for:
      Palo Alto challenges regional growth projections
      A regional plan to promote "sustainable communities" is facing a chorus of opposition from Palo Alto...
      For council material on it, and from 'OneBayArea' - see:
       Update of SB 375/Initial Vision Scenario (IVS) for a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) and Direction on City’s Preliminary Response to Regional Agencies, and Update of Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Process
      (105 pages on the 'SCS' process)

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