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FW: [BATC] ABAG President on population and growth Letter to the Editor Berkeley Daily Planet March 26, 2009

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  • irvin dawid
    I thought this a particularly poignant letter I wanted to share. Gibson reflects my own point of view.... Regards, Irvin Dawid 650-283-6534/mobile Berkeley
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      I thought this a particularly poignant letter I wanted to share.  Gibson reflects my own point of view....


      Irvin Dawid

      Berkeley Daily Planet
      Letters to the Editor


      Editors, Daily Planet: 

      In a recent Reader Commentaries’ article Jane Powell eloquently commented about how overpopulation and unlimited growth are the root causes of the “problems that plague our planet.” We wish it were that simple. There is a reason that regional agencies like the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and local governments are engaged in environmental discussions about sustainability. Our ongoing concern is how do we protect our planet in the context of the Bay Area and provide for the basic needs of residents today, as well as for those to come. 

      Providing a basic quality of life means having access to affordable housing and jobs while protecting the environment with clean air and water. As for housing, throughout the state and region we continue to lag in meeting the need to have an adequate amount of housing accessible for all income levels. The regional housing need numbers mandated by the state that were referenced in the article, which are issued every five to seven years to local jurisdictions, are goals to be planned for, and necessary to just making a dent in increased housing need. 

      However, meeting the housing need is only one dimension of concerted regional and local government efforts to coordinate and integrate all land use and transportation planning with water and air quality and other environmental preservation efforts. That’s what the initiatives on Focused Growth, Complete Communities, Smart Growth, Green Buildings, and Green Businesses from ABAG and other regional agencies are all about. This is not just a population growth numbers game, but a serious commitment to achieve sustainability and protect our planet. 

      Rose Jacobs Gibson 

      ABAG President and San Mateo County Supervisor 

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