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Free lunch and event for public officials!

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  • Nick Rajkovich
    Hi ALPA, We re having one of our quarterly public officials luncheons on Wednesday. Details for the event are below. Please feel free to direct this to
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      Hi ALPA, 

      We're having one of our quarterly public officials luncheons on Wednesday.  Details for the event are below. Please feel free to direct this to electeds you have a relationship with in Palo Alto and them to the luncheon.  If you want to know if someone is already signed up, let me know and I can answer the question.  We only have a few more openings at the lunch but again it's a good excuse to reach out to your elected officials with something they may be interested in.  The lunch is free.  The topic is a really good one that is incredibly relevant to folks making land use decisions.

      Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks~


      Nick Rajkovich
      Housing and Community Development Associate
      Silicon Valley Leadership Group
      o: (408) 501-7873  m: (408) 858-9226

      On behalf of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we would like to invite you to our next Public Officials Luncheon on Wednesday, March 24th from 11:30am to 1pm at Outreach, (926 Rock Ave. Suite 10, San Jose).  Our luncheon topic this quarter is: Understanding Pro Formas.

      Here’s a familiar story: A residential developer wants to build a four story multi-family community near transit as a catalyst for development and economic activity in the “right” place in your city.  The community is wary of change and therefore resistant to increasing height, density and traffic congestion.  The path of least resistance for everyone seems to be “well let’s just eliminate the top floor of the building!”  The developer’s response is, of course, “That just won’t pencil.”  Setting aside the sound policy reasons for increasing height next to transit, what are the specifics behind the often heard statement “that won’t pencil?”  Does decreasing the height, increasing setbacks or including more parking really matter and why?


      At our next luncheon, we’ll walk through the basics of a pro forma.  Our intent is to help local public officials better understand what’s driving the developer’s pro formas and to outline some of the tools public officials can use, like bringing in third party experts, to validate and understand development challenges.  Our guest speakers will be Drew Hudacek, Senior Vice President for Sares Regis and Jeff Birdwell, President of Sares Regis Commercial Division and Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University. 

      DATE:             Wednesday, March 24th
      TIME:              11:30am to 1pm
      LOCATION:    Outreach, 926 Rock Street, Suite 10, San Jose, 95131

      RSVP: Please register at:  


      You can also give our offices a call at 408/501-7873 by Monday, March 22nd to rsvp. 
      By way of background, the Public Officials Luncheon series is co-chaired by Campbell Councilmember Dan Furtado and San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo.  The goal of the luncheons is to provide a space for local council members and planning commissioners to have peer-to-peer discussions on housing issues affecting their communities.


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