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  • joel davidson
    Steve, You say I need to understand but I m telling you I don t understand even when you try to explain it. High driving housing?? Low driving housing??
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      You say "I need to understand" but I'm telling you I don't understand even when you try to explain it.  High driving housing??  Low driving housing??  Where's Arbor Real?  Is that the monstrosity across from where I live at Arastradero and El Camino?  RHNA, VMT, TOD??  You are right I need to understand but I need to take a class to know what you are trying to teach.  I thank you for the effort.


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      Joel, Irv,

      To be effective participants in RHNA discussion, there are some facts to understand. These facts should be shared widely. I reject Irv's claim that this is somehow too complicated for this forum. It's not.  

      1. You need to understand the difference between high driving housing (Arbor Real, Vantage) and low driving housing (800 High street, Stanford West).

      2. You need to understand that high driving housing also generates more students than low driving housing, but that low and very-low income low-driving housing also produces more students. The reality is that there is a large voting majority in favor of protecting PAUSD's school budget, so you need to have a facts-based understanding of the school budget impact of new housing. Otherwise, your RHNA solution will get trounced by voters.

      If you consider the teeny number of students, 248, produced by many "new" low driving housing (1700 homes), you'll find that objections to low driving housing based on the hysterical claim that "it's going to ruin our schools" are ludicrous.

      3. You need to be familiar with some of the housing projects listed in the table in http://www.cities21 .org/HEFAQ. htm#Enrollment . Then, when a new housing project is proposed, you'll be able to think something like "oh, it's somewhat like 800 High and it's not like Arbor Real."

      4. You need to also understand the "affordable by design" TOD 5-story condo housing that we are proposing. This "product" isn't being produced in Palo Alto right now.  We're proposing producing a ton of it in http://www.cities21 .org/HETAG. htm. You should understand why this housing is so virtuous (VMT, affordability, fiscal) and why it has relatively few drawbacks compared to other housing types such as Arbor Real. 

      - Steve

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      > Joel,
      > You are not an outsider!
      > Steve, this type of detailed report is best shared, I believe, with the executive committee that can then discuss it and determine how to utilize it in current and future campaigns.
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      > Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 13:48:29 -0500
      > Subject: Re: [ALPA_Forum] Re: teeny # of students generated by new PA housing ...
      > It was readable but it had no context for me. I guess until I get more involved than just forum I will be an outsider. So be it for now.
      > Joel

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