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Question for Administrators

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  • Debbie Mitchell
    Hi Y all, I m sending this to all of the Alabama homeschool lists that I m on to try to reach as many church school The judge told the administrator to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
      Hi Y'all,

      I'm sending this to all of the Alabama homeschool lists that I
      m on to try to reach as many church school The judge told the
      administrator to administrators as possible for an opinion. Please
      feel free to delete if you're not interested.

      Now for the question:

      Without naming a family or school, I have been asked about how one
      would go abhout making a complaint about a school, specifically the

      The situation is this: The parents are getting a divorce (the wife
      threw the husband out of the home (his words) and he had an affair
      (don't know which order). The child is homeschooled and hey are in
      Alabama, so a church school is involved. The involvement has nothing
      to do with education or school issues. The school administrator
      wrote a letter to the child's attorney (guardian ad litem) and the
      judge saying that the father should not be allowed to see the child
      because the mother (who apparently works for the school) does not
      want him to stay out of it because they had no idea what was going
      on, so they will probably have little or no weight in court either

      However, this seems very innapropriate for this administrator to do
      with no allegations even of a problem with the father and the child.
      They wrote this simply to support the mother's wants, not the
      children's needs.

      I do not mean that they should not support the mother - if their
      experience is that she is a good mother and they want to support her,
      fine. Writing a letter to say that she's a great mom and to support
      her is quite appropriate. Standing up in court as a character
      witness is fine. Writing against the father simply because the mom
      doesn't want him to see the child is wrong. (Writing aginst a parent
      because you know of something harmful to the children is different,
      but does not seem to be the case here. He has offered to show me
      copies of the letters but I have not asked to see them.)

      The child being homeschooled does not seem to be an issue in this
      case, BTW. The fathers complaint is the administrator writing
      against him without reason.

      I hope I've explained this well enough - it's a little complicated.

      My suggestion was to complain to the sponsoring church but I do not
      know if the church administration and the school administration is
      the same or not.

      I just wanted opinions from experienced school administrators and any
      suggestions you might have.


      Debbie :-D
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