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Valentine Party-Moody

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  • Cherie
    Central Alabama Family Educators (CAFE) would like to invite everyone to their 2nd anual Valentine Party on Wed., February 13th from 10-12. It will be held at
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
      Central Alabama Family Educators (CAFE) would like to invite everyone to their 2nd anual Valentine Party on Wed.,  February 13th from 10-12. It will be held at the Community Presbyterian Church gym in Moody. Kids should bring valentine's cards with their name signed to give out. It would be great to have a general idea of how many kids will be attending so we can let everyone know approximately how many cards to bring.  Please bring something for your child to put their Valentines into. It would be great if it had their name on it. It doesn't have to be anything special, even a plastic bag will work fine. Everyone had a great time last year, and we hope to have an even better time this year! We will play a few games like musical chairs. If anyone has any specific ideas, please e-mail me. If you think you may come, please e-mail me at hspurplemom@... with the number of kids. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested!
      * One of the children in our group has a life threatening allergy to nuts. His mother carries 2-3 epi pens and an inhaler with her at all times. He can have a reaction, from contact with someone who has eaten anything that has nuts as an ingredient. Peanut butter is especially a problem because children (and adults) can easily have residue on their clothing, hands or face after eating it. So if you plan to attend, please do not eat nuts or peanut butter that day. We also ask that people do not bring food to eat during the party. (This does not include water and soft drinks.) If your child picks Valentines with candy in them, please set aside one for Dante without the candy. The children will put their cards in everyone's bag/basket about midway through and can eat their candy after the party. If there is a special circumstance that someone would need to bring a snack, please make sure it does not contain nuts or nut traces. Many products contain traces of nuts and could also be a danger to him. Some examples of items that should be safe if needed would be fresh fruit, or cheese. Kashi and Frito Lay are very good about labeling if a product has nuts in it, so items with those brand names should be safe it it doesn't have nuts listed as an ingredient.Thanks for your understanding! If you have questions you can email me at hspurplemom@... .
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