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749Ashland/Lineville, AL: Band, music classes. Registration deadline Aug. 29.

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  • homeschoolmusicprogram
    Aug 23, 2013
      Hello everyone,
      Please forward this to every homeschooler you know! I am always amazed at the fact that at least two or three homeschooling parents each year say "I've never heard of a homeschool band before." Since 2004, we have been providing music and band classes (including marching band since 2011) to homeschoolers in East Alabama and West Georgia.

      Registration for fall classes has been extended due to some scheduling conflicts that had to be worked out. Please register by Thursday, August 29. The registration form can be obtained by emailing amber@....

      Classes in Ashland/Lineville, AL will be scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending upon what can be worked out with each parent. Classes begin as soon as the student is registered. The location will depend on the student's cover school enrollment. Please contact Amber for more information.

      Please see juhsb.org for more details, or email amber@....

      Many blessings,

      Amber South
      Director of Joy Unspeakable Homeschool Band
      Piano instructor
      Music teacher, First Assembly Christian School
      Music teacher, Clay County Christian Academy