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734Music lessons for your child

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  • Damian Spaulding
    May 30, 2012
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      My name is Damian Spaulding founder of The Spaulding School of Music and the "Spaulding Method".  I am joining your group in hopes that my services may add to the success of the homeschool parents in your community. 
      Briefly about me:
      I have been teaching music for over 20 years  from a completely unique perspective.  I do not bind students to a rigid approach and force them to learn songs that do not inspire them.  Instead I have created a process that enables the student to learn any instrument "by ear" through a plan that is in large part driven and customized by them.  I have now migrated this process to work perfectly in an online homeschool environment where I can either teach the parents how to teach their children, or teach the children directly.  The decision is truly up to the parent and how they would like to experience the process. 
      More information can be found here if you desire to see:
      I have been told by numerous homeschool parents (as I have been hired by them in the past) that my approach has been invaluable for how their children naturally learn and I look forward to impacting more lives with your permission.   Spaces are very limited as all instruction is done one-on-one with me personally.
      Through my method, religious individuals can learn music through their preferred selection of music.
      With the child directed approach that we also employ, learners that regularly do not learn well in a standard instructional setting tend to excel.  The proof is in my testimonials page.
      I hope you would enable me to share this service with your group or if you could filter my inquiry and share information as deem appropriate I would greatly appreciate it.
      I look forward to further communication with you.
      Thank you.