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Re: [ALCOFFEE_Sidelines] The statue

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  • Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
    Hello, LaCreta, LOL! I am sorry if I laughed, but this is a funny and sad story. On one hand, I think it is soo funny the reaction of your twelve year old
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 14, 2005
      Hello, LaCreta,
      LOL!  I am sorry if I laughed, but this is a funny and sad story.  On one hand, I think it is soo funny the reaction of your twelve year old granddaughter.  On the other hand, I am saddened that you lost your best supporter of your efforts.  Hopefully, perhaps she will find a new interest after she thinks about it for awhile. *crosses fingers*
      You might like to inform her as to why the statue was erected in the bollweevil's honor.  Those folks were being eaten out of house and home.  But if it had not had such a voracious appetite for the cotton, the area may never have started to grow the peanut that is so widely acclaimed as the great saving crop of Coffee County. 
      You also might like to point out that if it had not been for 45 and 33 1/3  rpm records (you may also have to explain what those are to her--*smiles*) becoming scratched so easily, there might not be CDs. *smiles* 
      Yep, we were those folks who sat at a machine watching that record go round and round and round enjoying the scratchy sounding music, and actually stood up and left our chair to move the needle back to the rest for the phonograph arm and replaced the record with another record to watch it go round and round and round enjoying its scratchy music also. *grins*
      Showing my age there, aye........
      I am happy to hear that you got the YIM downloaded and set up.  I would like to know your Yahoo email ID so as I may add it to my YIM buddy list.  If I am online, and have you in my buddy list, I can join you online also.
      I have only had one person to say that they also have the YIM downloaded, and I have actually spoken to her in the chat room.
      I think this YIM will behoove us once we get several people on our buddy lists. 
      Hope to see more on YIM in the near future. *waves*
      Phyllis J. K. Owens
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      Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 12:25 AM
      Subject: [ALCOFFEE_Sidelines] The statue

      Since I've never been to Alabama, much less Enterprise...and I
      haven't had relatives who have lived there in years...I had been
      puzzled about the statue since you posted the image on this site. I
      even printed a copy of it; then, I investigated and learned the
      interesting history about it.

      Well, my 12 year old granddaughter saw the copy of the picture on my
      desk. (She's one of the few left in my family who is brave enough to
      ask me about my genealogy discoveries.) Now I'm afraid I've lost my
      best supporter. Stunned, she left the room, saying, "My ancestors
      honored a bug with a statue???"

      I plan to try out the chat next week when I have plenty of time.  I
      already have Yahoo Messenger. Hopefully, I'll catch someone on there.

      LaCreta, Tulsa,OK


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