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Hello, folks! There are 16 members at the moment. You can visit the webpage for this mailing list at
Phyllis J. K. Owens
Jun 12, 2008

Good Afternoon realsoutherndixiegirl, This list still exists but has been very quiet. I have no clue as to how many are signed up for it. Perhaps you should
Tom Watkins
Jun 12, 2008

Hello everyone

Is this list still active? I want to discuss Jones/Taylors in Coffee County Alabama.
Jun 12, 2008


*taps on glass* Anyone home? I must send an email every few months to keep this mailing list. Hope all are well.... PJKO
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
May 11, 2005

Re: The statue

Hello, LaCreta, LOL! I am sorry if I laughed, but this is a funny and sad story. On one hand, I think it is soo funny the reaction of your twelve year old
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
Jan 14, 2005

The statue

Since I've never been to Alabama, much less Enterprise...and I haven't had relatives who have lived there in years...I had been puzzled about the statue since
LaCreta Guy
Jan 13, 2005

Shortcut to ALCOFFEE_Sidelines Chatroom!!

Hello, all! I have just discovered while working on the ALCOFFEE_Sidelines webpage/user section, that there is a shortcut to the ALCOFFEE_Sidelines Mailing
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
Jan 6, 2005


Please let me knwo when ya'll will be chattin..thanks D'Onne
D'Onne Lake
Jan 6, 2005

First Chat Users

Hello, ALCOFFEE_Sidelines mail listers! Cathy and I had our first chat session this afternoon in our ALCOFFEE_Sidelines chat room!! It was a blast!! I wish
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
Jan 4, 2005


Hello, ALCOFFEE_Sidelines mail listers!! Welcome to our newest adventure on the internet....the ALCOFFEE_Sidelines mailing list. Okay.....I think I have
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
Jan 4, 2005
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