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Re: Molded-in fiberglas fuel tanks?

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  • adksail
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 12, 2013
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      --- In ALBERG35@yahoogroups.com, "billsmith3" <bill@...> wrote:
      > I'm wondering whether my hull #42 - Touche' is rare in that it has a fuel tank forward under the V-berth.
      > Anyone else have a molded-in fuel tank as part of the hull, whether forward or aft?
      > Reason for asking is that we started getting dark brown stuff (like the brown junk that flows out of blisters when you hit them with the sander) in the bottom of the fuel tank, and it was creating havoc with our old Atomic 4. We think this was from the ethanol that's now in our fuel.
      > We installed a poly fuel tank (tempo) under the cockpit sole - all good now.
      > bill
      >I would like to hear about any additional fuel tanks folks have installed. One of the major flaws IMO in the A35 is the small fuel capacity. I would like to have at least a 50 gallon capacity without having to lug around 5 gallon containers. The range with just the 24 gallon tank under the cockpit sole is only around 200 miles, not nearly far enough for safety when traveling offshore. I carry 5 fuel containers which are a major PITA. Filling the tank from them is difficult and usually makes a mess and storage of 25 gallons of fuel is always a problem.
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