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For the ladies: another great bike for sale! Jamis Ventura Race Femm Hi all, Here's my contribution to the bike-selling fun! 2012 Jamis Ventura Race Femme - Size 54 (fits approx. 5'6 to 5'9) Craigslist ad with all the juicy
Meredyth Richards
Apr 17
Just in time for summer! - Bikes and parts for sale Time to make some room in the garage - I figured I would give those I know and those in the club first chance before posting these items in other places. Just
Apr 16
Trailside Triathlon is coming... can you help? Hey all! The 4th annual Trailside Triathlon is coming on Saturday, May 10th! See the attached flyer, but it also appears that they are opening it up to other
Andy Duenow
Apr 16
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Multisport Training of AK1 Summer Run Groups start next week: Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. Spring Swim Groups prorated to end of session (week of May 12) Tuesdays, 6 a.m.
Lisa Keller
Apr 14
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Altitude Tent For Sale We have a Hypoxico Deluxe King size Altitude Tent for sale. Altitude training gives you amplified pulmonary oxygen absorption, boosts natural EPO and red
Matthew Singer
Apr 12
Last H2Oasis river swim for the winter! Hey everyone! Don't forget, our LAST River swim of the winter will be this Sunday, 4/13, from 8-10AM! After this weekend, open water swimming will be in the
Apr 12
TriTheKenai News... Just wanted to remind folks the TriTheKenai has it's one-time registration price increase happening soon. Starting April 15th the price to register goes up
Apr 11
Re: TT/Tri bike for Sale Hey Jens, Its Joe Pollock so I think he's 5'10 or 11
Apr 10
Re: TT/Tri bike for Sale How tall is he? Sent from my iPhone
Jens Beck
Apr 10
TT/Tri bike for Sale A friend of mine is selling his time trial/tri bike: Time Trial Bike For Sale. 2008 Fuji Aloha CF-2 TT bike size 53cm. Carbon frame (black/blue in color),
Apr 10
Looking for used men's road bike Hi all: I'm posting for a friend looking to get started in the sport this spring.  This is a great opportunity to clean out your garage - sell your old ride
Dana Seagars
Apr 9
Anyone 6ft2inch-ish selling a tri bike this spring? Team Dillingham enjoyed Lavaman so much they are looking for a bike to train on the 40 miles of good pavement they have in the village. With no pool and no
Apr 5
FW: Sat, April 5 - 2014 Arctic Valley Fat Tire Biking (3rd Annual) If you are coming to the 10th Annual Merry Marmot Festival Saturday, April 5th to race in the Fat Tire Bike Race, you can pre-register and pay online until 7
Rebecca McKee
Apr 4
Re: Lava Tip #6 - ROCK LOBSTER Good luck to all you LavaPeople!!! Remember to VOTE! Be a SUPER VOTER. Early voting is open. Anchorage has a disappointingly low turnout. You can change this!
Guadalupe Marroquin
Mar 24
Re: Tri Club Pre-Lavaman PEDICURES Fri/Mon/Tues 11am-3pm Artistic Na Don't forget ladies, 11-3 Artistic Nails today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday). Your toes will thank you!
Mar 24
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Lava Tip #6 - ROCK LOBSTER If you are the typical Alaskan then you take no offense to the fact that you are considered Halibut White! It's almost a compliment around here! (wink
Rebecca McKee
Mar 23
Lava tip #5! Mmmm... hot and melty... Like Rebecca, I too love a nice hot race! However, what I don't love is not knowing a course before race day! Lava Tip #5: Know the
Andy Duenow
Mar 22
Lava Tip #4 - SALT SALT BABY Ahhh the joys of racing in the heat... I for one LOVE the heat! Being all melty, (ya, I made it up), warm is just yummy to me. HOWEVER... there are MUST DO's
Rebecca McKee
Mar 21
Kona massage If you are interested in getting a massage after Lavaman, we know a fantastic therapist in Kona. (She used to live here.) Hit me up directly and I'll give you
Jeff Campbell
Mar 20
Lava Tip #3 Lava Tip #3 - Do you know what you are wearing on race day? Have you actually swam, bike and ran in it? If you haven't DO THAT THIS WEEKEND. Swim in what
Rebecca McKee
Mar 20
Re: Heat training Woo Hoo!! Looking forward to it! Although it is so gorgeous here right now.... Andy
Mar 20
Heat training Lavaman bound members: Heed Andy and Beaker's advice on heat training. It was 88 on the Queen K today. This is me n Claudette out there doing our last 6 miler
Dana Seagars Via IPhone
Mar 20
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ATC gear purchasing time! Hey everyone! It's time to stock up on some of the ATC gear for this season... check out the photo album on the Yahoo Group page, or on our FaceBook page to
Mar 19
Tri Club Pre-Lavaman PEDICURES Fri/Mon/Tues 11am-3pm Artistic Nails OK Ladies!! And any interested Gents, Supporters, or those not doing Lava, all are welcome. Who is planning on getting their Toes Painted before heading to
Mar 19
Re: Lavaman is coming.... tips for all! Thank you everyone for the college scholarship from the Alaska Tri Club awarded to Alaina! It really means a lot and she will be sending a letter of thanks
Dianne Prince
Mar 16
Re: Lavaman is coming.... tips for all! Dianne, great point about our Toes! A couple of us have been working on a nice location with enough chairs and possibly a discount, to handle a bunch of us
Mar 15
Lavaman is coming.... tips for all! Howdy ATC fans! In case you didn't see Andy's email yesterday... there are OVER 210 Alaskans going to Lavaman Waikoloa at the end of this month?! WOW! In honor
Rebecca McKee
Mar 14
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Re: Lavaman is coming.... tips for all! And for those of you going to Lavaman, now is also a good time to get your toe-nails painted and hair highlighted! My favorite part of the Pre-Lavaman
Dianne Prince
Mar 14
Lavaman is coming.... tips for all! Howdy ATC fans! I wonder if you all are aware that there are OVER 210 Alaskans going to Lavaman Waikoloa at the end of this month?! WOW! In honor of this mass
Andy Duenow
Mar 14
Triathlete stories needed! Fellow tri club members, I need 5 minutes of your time at the party on Sunday. I'm working on a research paper for a college class and my topic is something
Mar 13
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