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ATTN: Anchorage/Palmer/Kenai/Nikiski/Seward Birders!!

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  • Paul
    The time is approaching for our (myself and Nick H.) upcoming Big Day record attempt, and we re going to need your help! We ll be targetting May 20th or 21st
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2006
      The time is approaching for our (myself and Nick H.) upcoming Big
      Day record attempt, and we're going to need your help! We'll be
      targetting May 20th or 21st as the official Big Day.

      As you all go about your daily birding business, Nick and I would be
      incredibly appreciative of any efforts you might be able to take to
      stake out some good birds for us. We're planning a midnight to
      midnight run, starting in Anchorage/Palmer/Hatcher Pass, so that's
      where our one shot at the morning chorus will be taking place. We
      will then be heading down the Seward Hwy, stopping in Portage,
      Turnagain Pass, Summit, Tern Lake, Kenai/Nikiski, then back to
      Seward where we'll be spending the last few hours.

      If we have any hope of breaking the record (130 species), there are
      certain species we'll be needing to get in certain areas. This is
      where you all come in. My knowledge of Anch/Palmer hot spots is
      sorely lacking, and what little I have deduced tells me I'll need
      more help. We would be incredibly appreciative if anyone in the
      following areas could point us toward any good spots to find these
      species or known active nest sites (or let us know if we're not
      likely to see them there):

      Palmer/Glenn Hwy (within 30-40 miles of Palmer): Great Grey Owl,
      Northern Hawk Owl, Boreal Owl, all woodpeckers (any good burns in
      the area?), bluebirds(?), Red-winged Blackbird, Sandhill Crane,
      Tundra Swan, Ruffed/Spruce Grouse, any geese, Bank/Cliff/Barn
      Swallows, roughies, goshawk, Wandering Tattler, Rusty Blackbird(?).

      Hatcher Pass: Rock/Willow/White-tailed Ptarmigan, Northern Wheatear
      (?), longspurs, buntings, pipits, rosy finches, gyr, Golden Eagle,
      Peregrine, Wandering Tattler.

      Anchorage: any passerines, grouse and shorebirds you can help us
      with. Also any unique waterfowl sightings in recent days.

      Kenai/Nikiski: shorebirds, shorebirds and shorebirds!! Waterfowl,
      too. Are there any known Northern Waterthrushes on the Penninsula???

      Seward Hwy and Seward: I think I've got this one covered, but if any
      of you other Sewardites can think of a hot spot I might not be
      familiar with, let me know. Also, any word from Ava about the
      sapsucker making an appearance this spring, yet?

      Finally, if there is anyone else interested in joining us, we've
      still got room in my little blue subaru! You simply haven't lived
      until you've experienced the pleasure of 24 straight hours of
      nothing but mad birding! But remember, it's BYOC. Bring Your Own

      Paul Ollig
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