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"How To Be A Better Birder Forum" TOMORROW

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    TOMORROW---Thursday March 21---is Anchorage Audubon s annual How To Be A Better Birder Forum. It s a meeting that s not to be missed.     Luke DeCicco,
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      TOMORROW---Thursday March 21---is Anchorage Audubon's annual "How To Be A Better Birder Forum." It's a meeting that's not to be missed.

          Luke DeCicco, Lisa Oakley, and Nils Warnock will share their knowledge, tips, and techniques in order to help the rest of us see more birds.  This is an opportunity to go to school with the big guys. 
      It's an Allstar panel, and the only way you won't learn something will be if you stay home on March 21.
          Moderator W. Keys will lead the questioning with the goal of allowing us to learn more about birding in one evening than we would usually learn in a whole week!   It'll be just like getting a full scholarship to Harvard, except that the person sitting next to you is likely to have driven in from Wasilla.  The Forum will not be based on questions from the audience, but questions for our esteemed panel may be submitted in advance to flybynightclub@...
      March's meeting is on our usual third Thursday, March 21.  Meet us at the BP Energy Center at 7:00 pm., and of course, there will be fabulous prizes and cookies. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you there.

      w keys
      Commander In Chief
      Anchorage Audubon Society
      Spenard, Alaska
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