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Westchester Lagoon-A-Thon Birding Smackdown: Next Saturday

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    It s short notice, but it s time for Anchorage Audubon s annual Westchester Lagoon-A-Thon Birding Smackdown. Next Saturday, July 7, the tide is a perfect and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2012
      It's short notice, but it's time for Anchorage Audubon's annual Westchester Lagoon-A-Thon Birding Smackdown. Next Saturday, July 7, the tide is a perfect and monstrous 30.2 feet at a leisurely 10:21 AM so get ready to rumble.
      Get your team together today, because once again the sport of Birding in Alaska will turn Ugly!!
      Who can find the most species in 4 hours? Whose team has the best name? Who will make all other birders eat crow even if no crows are found?
      All birders are welcome from beginners to experts—all you need is an in-your-face attitude, a team of 2-6 fanatics, and a $20 entry fee (per team.)
      Sign-in is at 8:30am. The Smackdown will begin at 9:00, will end at 1:00 pm, and will be followed by a potluck tailgate party and Awards Ceremony. At the end of the birding competition, teams will divulge the location of all birds that were even remotely unusual so that everyone can then go find anything they missed during the morning of birding.
      Everybody is welcome, so assemble your team, whip up a dish to share, and meet us Saturday Morning at 8:30 for an outrageous birding field trip with Fabulous Prizes! Birding will be limited to the Westchester Lagoon area and adjacent bike trails. All birding must be on foot or on bicycles, and who knows what rarities will show up when there are birders combing every inch of an area that usually just gets the once-over.
      Will Audubon Alaska get their clock cleaned by Anchorage Audubon? Can members of the Mat-Su Birders hang with the guys from the big city? If you don't have a team, show up anyway and we'll force somebody to let you be on their team! It's the anti-social event of the ornithological season.
      If another team won't tell you where they just saw a Terek's Sandpiper, you are totally allowed to use "enhanced interrogation techniques." This is not your Mother's Birding Contest.
      We hope to see you Saturday, July 7, and if your team would like to register their name early, send it to flybynightclub@...

      Full details and Official Smackdown rules are at www.anchorageaudubon.org

      w. keys
      President for Life or until somebody else agrees to take the job,
      Anchorage Audubon Society.
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