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RBA St. Paul Island, August 23-29: Long-toed Stint, Ruff, Dark-sided Flycatcher, Taiga Flycatcher

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  • Forrest Rowland
    Welcome birders, this is the St. Paul Rare Bird Alert for the week of August 23 through August 29 sponsored by St. Paul Island Tours. The following sequence of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2011
      Welcome birders, this is the St. Paul Rare Bird Alert for the week of August 23 through August 29 sponsored by St. Paul Island Tours. The following sequence of sightings is in taxonomic order; asterisks denote a species of less than annual occurrence, and species in all capitals are one of particular note.
      Birds:  Species count to date – 159
      82 species THIS WEEK!!! Biggest week of the year, thus far…
      American Wigeon
      Northern Pintail
      Green-winged Teal
      Greater Scaup
      Steller’s Eider
      King Eider
      Harlequin Duck
      White-winged Scoter
      Long-tailed Duck
      Red-necked Grebe
      Northern Fulmar
      Short-tailed Shearwater
      Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel
      Red-faced Cormorant
      Pelagic Cormorant
      Pacific Golden-Plover
      *Lesser Sand-Plover*
      Semipalmated Plover
      Gray-tailed Tattler
      Wandering Tattler
      Lesser Yellowlegs
      *Wood Sandpiper*
      Whimbrel ssp. hudsonicus
      *Bristle-thighed Curlew* (FWS)
      Bar-tailed Godwit
      Ruddy Turnstone
      Western Sandpiper
      *Red-necked Stint*
      Least Sandpiper
      Baird’s Sandpiper
      Pectoral Sandpiper
      Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
      Rock Sandpiper
      *Stilt Sandpiper*
      *Buff-breasted Sandpiper*
      Long-billed Dowitcher
      Red-necked Phalarope
      Red Phalarope
      Black-legged Kittiwake
      Red-legged Kittiwake
      Sabine’s Gull
      Herring Gull ssp. vegae
      *Thayer’s Gull*
      Slaty-backed Gull
      Glaucous-winged Gull
      Glaucous Gull
      Pomarine Jaeger
      Parasitic Jaeger
      Long-tailed Jaeger
      Common Murre
      Thick-billed Murre
      Pigeon Guillemot
      Parakeet Auklet
      Least Auklet
      Horned Puffin
      Tufted Puffin
      Pacific Wren
      Northern Wheatear
      *Gray-cheeked Thrush*
      Eastern Yellow Wagtail
      Red-throated Pipit
      American Pipit
      Lapland Longspur
      Snow Bunting
      Yellow Warbler
      *Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler*
      Wilson’s Warbler
      Savannah Sparrow
      Fox Sparrow
      Gray-crowned Rosy Finch
      Common Redpoll
      Hoary Redpoll
      This week we had mostly West winds, with 2 days of East. Rain fell heavily for two days, but we enjoyed partly cloudy-to-cloudy days, with little fog most of the week.
      Nothing of note, save for early/late continuing Steller’s Eiders, White-winged Scoters off of Marunick, and both Wigeon and Mallard returning to the island.
      One of the highlight birds this week was one Thayer’s Gull that continues to be seen off East Landing and in the Northeast, mostly Big Lake. Slaty-backed Gulls were recorded most days this week. Alcid nests have failed this season, with very few exceptions. Thick-billed Murre chicks have been seen at a few locations, and 3 juvenile Horned Puffins have been spotted. Several Puffin nests are still active and the hatch this year for both Tufted and Horned Puffins is likely average. Otherwise, Least Auklet and Crested Auklet chicks were likely wiped in a storm a few weeks ago. These species seem to have left the island for sea this week.
      Overall shorebird numbers are staggering, and the diversity is great. Sharp-tailed, Pectoral, Least, and Western Sandpipers, were recorded most days, and Sanderling was seen on two days. Pacific Golden-Plovers have lingered at Salt Lagoon, but the appearance of 2 LESSER SAND-PLOVERS in the slough, and at Town Marsh, stole the show! Both types of Tattlers are numerous on the island, and we had both Lesser Yellowlegs and Wood Sandpiper this week. Whimbrel are starting their return migration, and 2 Bristle-thighed Curlews were reported by the Fish and Wildlife Service workers near Zapadni. 4-5 Red-necked Stints have been seen each day this week, while 1 LONG-TOED STINT maintains its presence at Town Marsh since August 17. The year’s first Baird’s Sandpipers and Buff-breasted Sandpipers have been seen at Marunick. Stilt Sandpiper also turned up in Town Marsh. Both Pectoral and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers are in good number across the island. RUFF have been
      at various locations all week, including 2 at Novastorshna August 29. COMMON SNIPE appeared at Town Marsh, further securing that location as the “Honey Hole” of the whole island. Fall diversity is at its peak, with some 28 species of Shorebird this week!!!
      Without question, this week has been the best of the year. Passerine diversity was at its highest of the year, as visiting guests and I managed to find 13 species of migrant passerines! The week started off with a bang – one DARK-SIDED FLYCATCHER was seen and photographed in the crab pots August 23. Red-throated and American Pipits were in fair number this week, and Eastern Yellow Wagtails were noted almost daily in small number. 3 Northern Wheatears were seen August 29. Also on August 29 were 1 Gray-cheeked Thrush at Polovina Hill, 1 Fox Sparrow at Webster Cut, Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) in the road to Southwest Point near Zapadni, and…perhaps the bird of the week…one TAIGA FLYCATCHER in the Upper Polovina cut. Also of note were Wilson’s Warbler on two days, Yellow Warbler seen once near Zapadni, and a stunning Bluethroat on Polovina Hill. Both Redpolls continue in varying number, and all the resident passerines are still here, in force.
      This is Forrest D. Rowland, 2011 St. Paul Island Guide, wishing you productive, exciting birding wherever you may be. Until next week!!!
       St. Paul Island Tours
      (877) 424 - 5637

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