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Re: Seward Birding Tips

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  • Paul
    If you re interested in seeing the auklets and other assorted pelagic birds, just hang out with a scope along Ballaine road just south of the breakwater for
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2006
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      If you're interested in seeing the auklets and other assorted
      pelagic birds, just hang out with a scope along Ballaine road just
      south of the breakwater for the small boat harbor. That's where
      they've been hanging out in numbers for a few weeks, including the
      goldeneyes, Pelagic Cormorants, grebes, mergansers, and a few
      murrelets. I would then suggest making your way south on Ballaine
      towards the sealife center, scanning the bay for more before you
      head down towards Lowell Point. The first part of this road (with
      all the cliffs) is great for getting up close views of a bunch of
      Marbled Murrelets.

      Once at Lowell Point you should be able to find those Great Blue
      Herons everyone's been talking about (I haven't looked for them,
      yet, so I couldn't tell you where to look).

      Carol could probably give you a better idea of where the current hot-
      spots for all the passerines are. I haven't had a chance to get out
      and about with my binos since the Christmas count.

      I'd offer to go birding with you this weekend, but my wife and I are
      headed to Anchorage for the symphony concert. If you're planning a
      trip on any days other than Sat or Sun, let me know, though. I'd
      love to get out and about with my binos.

      Paul Ollig

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      > Wow Whitekeys,
      > This report is so enticing - I'm packing my bags! This week is
      our 21st wedding anniversary and I need to convince the old man that
      the Seward trip is really what I want. Actually - he's a closet
      birder who is now out in full breeding plumage! The 13 yr old is an
      avid birder too. It's a perfect family hobby for all ages.
      > How do we hook up with Carol Griswold? I will gladly accept any
      more Seward tips I can get from anyone. Including hotel
      > I anxiously await more on the owls and directions. Thanks for the
      list too.
      > linda
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      > Subject: [AK Birding] Strawberry Suet
      > Thanks for the tip Linda--If there's strawberries in your
      feeder, I'll
      > be there at first light!! You mentioned a Seward trip. Since we
      > didn't make the Audubon trip in February, the Fritz's and the
      > made the trip this weekend! Ava's feeder is everything you've
      > led to believe, and Carol Griswold is every bit the Goddess you'd
      > think she was by reading her postings!!! And if you run into a
      > Birder named Joe, you've hit the jackpot 3 times!!!
      > And all of this is possible because of Gordon's genius site.
      > all getting huge benefits from the site, and I'd like to
      > everybody to send their sightings on to the rest of the group.
      > doesn't have to be an ultimate rarity--lots of us rookies with
      > lists under 50 birds are thrilled by anything!
      > Just so you know what you can expect, here's our Seward list for
      > weekend. We found 48 species plus Swans and Ring Neck Duck on a
      > trip to the outlet of Kenai Lake. The Owl Trifecta on Exit
      > Road was totally cool, and we'll give directions to that on
      > post. One more bonus is that rates for completely decent rooms
      in the
      > winter start at $45 in Seward!!! You can't miss.
      > w keys
      > RB Nuthatch
      > BB Magpie
      > Raven
      > Pine Grosbeak
      > WW Crossbill
      > Pine Siskin
      > Hairy WP
      > Downy WP
      > Junco
      > BC Chickadee
      > Barrows Goldeneye
      > Crested Auklet
      > WW Scoter
      > Surf Scoter
      > Marbled Murrelet
      > Harlequin Duck
      > Old Squaw
      > Common Merganser
      > Mew Gull
      > Bald Eagle
      > Black Legged Kittiwake
      > Steller's Jay
      > Dipper
      > Golden Crowned Kinglet
      > Belted Kingfisher
      > Red Breasted Merganser
      > Glaucous Gull
      > Glaucous Winged Gull
      > Rock Dove
      > NW Crow
      > Horned Grebe
      > Song Sparrow
      > Pelagic Cormorant
      > Saw Whet Owl
      > Western Screech Owl
      > Great Horned Owl
      > Common Murre
      > Mallard
      > Bufflehead
      > Common Goldeneye
      > Rock Sandpiper
      > Chestnut Back Chickadee
      > Boreal Chickadee
      > Purple Finch
      > Black Scoter
      > Gray Crowned Rosy Finch
      > Red Faced Cormorant
      > Unknown Loon Species (Common or Yellow Billed)
      > Tr Swans
      > Ring Necked Duck
      > Remember -- Be nice!
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