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Fwd: birding help at APU

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      Sent: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 10:43 am
      Subject: Fwd: birding help at APU

      I wanted to pass this along to you, If you know of anyone that might be able to help out Mickael Kaplan, that would be great, I would love to do it, unfortunately it's during school hours.

      Thanks guys!




      From: Michael Kaplan [mailto:mkaplan@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 2:34 PM
      To: Hauser_Scott
      Subject: birding help at APU


      Hello Scott! 


      Thank you for the offer! 


      I need help from a seasoned birder, someone who would enjoy spending a couple of hours with college students, helping them to find and identify birds on the APU campus. 


      I am searching for help on a course called outdoor education. A unit of the course is called 'critical bird watching.'   In brief, we will notice how field guides mediate how people experience the outdoors.  How do field guides effect outdoor education?  We will critically examine birding field guides and birding practices.  We will watch bird watcher as much as we will watch birds.    Below you will find an outline of the educational goals and objective of the course unit.


      The specific help I need is birding on c
      ampus at APU.  I would welcome an experienced birder to lead a two hour long bird watching field trip on the APU campus. 


      The students are assigned to develop their own 'field guide to the birds of APU.'  The field trips will help them develop data for their invented field books. 


      I would welcome help on  Wednesday Feb 11th  from 10-11:50.  Or, Friday Feb 13th, from 10-11:50. 


      Would you be available to help?  Or, do you know anyone else who might be interested?   


      Thank you!  Mike


      OS 40200 Outdoor Education


      Unit One:  Critical Bird Watching, Birding as Critical Practice



      This first unit of OS 40200 Outdoor Education, applies cultural studies to understanding outdoor education.  The unit (spanning roughly two weeks) examines one specific outdoor education topic: bird watching.


      Though the unit has a distinct set of learning goals, they introduce and scaffold broader themes for the class, modeling critical environmental interpretation and experiential outdoor education.


      Learning Goals in Unit One:


      1)      for students to learn how birds and birding relate to the Alaskan context

      2)      for students to understand critical practice, taking bird watching as an example

      3)      for students to learn 'birding as a critical practice'‑ based on a 10-step heuristic

         for students to explore how texts (here, birding field guides) can work to contribute to ideological dispositions and ways of seeing



      Range of Learning Activities for Unit One:

      1)      investigation of everyday life: project on identification in day-to-day shopping

      2)      twice weekly analytical entries on birding field guides (from 1900-present)

      3)      bird walks in the immediate surroundings of APU

      4)      development of a local field guide, i.e., 'The Birds of APU'

      5)      mini-lectures

      6)      class discussions,  seminar style

      7)      reading followed by discussion

      8)      writing (in and out of class) followed by discussion

      9)      student presentations of Birding interpretation



      From: Brownlee, Sirena [mailto:Sirena.Brownlee@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 4:38 PM
      To: Carl S. Tobin
      Cc: Michael Kaplan
      Subject: RE: Fw:


      Hi Carl and Mike,


      I would be happy to provide Mike with some suggestions for recreational type birding for his class. Are we talking field trip outings, citizen science projects, bird watching theory and instruction, etc? We do occasionally take school groups out for birding hikes if someone is available and occasionally we will come to a classroom and do a presentation on birding. Classrooms are also welcome on our field trips which=2
      0you can access on our website - Anchorage Audubon Society - Field Trips and Events Calendar. You can give me a call and we can discuss ideas or you can just e-mail me your questions or ideas.


      And yes – we are expecting a baby girl in early February! Big change of plans for me in terms of grad school but I am not giving up on the idea just putting it on hold for a while.


      Sirena T. Brownlee


      HDR ONE COMPANY | Many Solutions

      2525 C. Street, Suite 305

      Anchorage, AK 99503

      Ph. 907-644-2070 Fax 907-644-2022

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      Hey Scott and Sirena.  You are both star birders in my book, so I am contacting you as a means of hooking Mike Kaplan up with contacts for birders. Heʼd like to incorporate aspects of non-professional ornithology into his Outdoor/Environmental education course this spring.  Sirena, the grapevine alerts me to congratulate you on your pending arrival.  Congrats!  Cheers, Carl


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