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RBA Fairbanks Alaska October 1 2005

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  • Ken_Russell@fws.gov
    - RBA * Alaska * Fairbanks and Interior * October 1, 2005 * AKFA0510.01 Birds Mentioned American Robin Slate-Colored Junco Sharp-Shinned Hawk Northern hawk Owl
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      - RBA
      * Alaska
      * Fairbanks and Interior
      * October 1, 2005
      * AKFA0510.01

      Birds Mentioned
      American Robin
      Slate-Colored Junco
      Sharp-Shinned Hawk
      Northern hawk Owl
      Common Loon
      Trumpeter Swan
      Bald Eagle
      Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch
      Boreal Owl
      Peregrine Falcon

      _ transcript
      hotline: Fairbanks and Interior Alaska
      date: October 1, 2005
      number: (907) 451-9213
      to report: (907) 451-9213
      coverage: Fairbanks and Interior Alaska
      compiled: 4:00 PM October 1, 2005
      transcriber: Ken Russell
      e_mail: Ken_Russell@...

      Welcome to the Birding Hotline for interior Alaska as of October
      1, 2005.

      An AMERICAN ROBIN was in a yard at 3.8 miles Chena
      Hotsprings Road on October 1.

      A flock of SLATE-COLORED JUNCOS was lingering at the federal
      building on September 30.

      A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK was seen flying over the hay fields
      at 3 miles Chena Hotsprings Rd on Friday, September 30.

      A NORTHERN HAWK OWL was seen at mile 13 on Chena
      Hotsprings Road on September 28. Another NORTHERN
      HAWK OWL is still being seen at the hayfields at miles 3.

      The following birds were seen at Harding Lake on September 25:

      The following birds were reported on September 19: About a
      dozen GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCHES were sighted on Moose
      Ridge in Chena Lakes Recreation Area, A BOREAL OWL was singing
      on Lancaster drive off of Farmer's Loop, and a PEREGRINE FALCON
      was seen hunting pigeons in down town Fairbanks

      Upcoming events include:

      A program entitled: Eagles of Haines and Interior Alaska, will
      be presented by Ron Teel & Bob Ritchie, on Monday, October 10,
      7:00 pm, at the Noel Wien Library.

      Plan to attend Alaska Bird Observatory annual Open House. From 11
      AM to 5 PM on October 15 at the ABO Center for Education &
      Research (at Wedgewood Resort). Special programs that day include
      Owls of Interior Alaska from Noon - 2 PM. Meet live owls and learn
      about these special birds through crafts, activities, and stories.

      From 2:30 to 5:00 PM will be an Open House Reception. At 3:00 PM,
      Take a leisurely walk on Creamer's Refuge with ABO senior biologist,
      Dr. Susan Sharbaugh to learn how plants and animals survive our harsh
      Winters. Free.

      If you plan to record a bird sighting, please include the date and place
      where the bird was seen along with your name and phone number.

      If you wish to become a member of the Arctic Audubon Society please
      call Mary Zalar at 479-4547.

      Thanks for calling the birding hotline.

      -End Transcript

      Visit Arctic Audubon Society's website: http://www.arcticaudubon.org/
      Site includes information on birding locations in Interior Alaska as well
      As a calendar of Arctic Audubon programs.

      Also visit Alaska Bird Observatory's website: http://www.alaskabird.org/

      Directions to the sites mentioned in the report can found in 'A Birder's
      Guide to Alaska' by George C. West; American Birding Association;
      2002 ISBN 1-878788-19-1

      Ken Russell and Laurel Devaney
      PO Box 71462
      Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

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