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Fwd: shorebirds at Kasilof

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    Todd sent this great list of birds from the Kenai. Dave Sonneborn ... From: Todd_Eskelin@fws.gov To: davidsonne@aol.com Sent: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 09:23:57 -0800
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      Todd sent this great list of birds from the Kenai.
      Dave Sonneborn

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      Subject: shorebirds at Kasilof

      Toby Burke spotted a stilt sandpiper and a sharp-tailed sandpiper on sunday and we confirmed it again on tuesday. There is a nice little congregation of westerns, semi-p's, a couple sanderling, 75-100 golden plover, a few black turnstones.......He found the best viewing time was 2 hours before the posted clam gulch low tide. The tide should just be exposing the beach and the birds should be fairly close. Best viewing is to go down K-Beach Road to the beach access rd. It is about 4 miles in from the sterling highway down at the kasilof end. Big blue sign pointing left. Follow that down to the abandoned cars in the parking lot and pop up over the dunes. The birds tend to congregate right in front of the parking lot. I will try and get a picture soon.


      P.S. I am busy this weekend if you are headed this way, but Toby may be available. Let me know if you were headed this way and I will get his phone number for you.

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