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Re: [AK Birding] Digest Number 491

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  • Beth Peluso
    Thanks for your note Nancy, I didn t know fall Savannah s lost their yellow (and I m definitely no sparrow expert!). Learn something new every day! Beth
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
      Thanks for your note Nancy, I didn't know fall
      Savannah's' lost their yellow (and I'm definitely no
      sparrow expert!). Learn something new every day!

      Beth Peluso, Juneau

      Re: sparrow Posted
      by: "Nancy DeWitt"
      arct1c_warbler Wed
      Jan 10, 2007 11:13 pm (PST)

      I have to agree with Chris Maack that your sparrow is
      a Savannah. I've banded hundreds of
      Savannahs and Lincoln's Sparrows, and your photo just
      screamed Savannah at me when I
      first saw it. It lacks the buffy wash and darker
      auriculars of a Lincoln's, has a pale throat,
      and the big feet and large bill of a Savannah.
      Juvenile and many fall Savannahs lack yellow

      I could be wrong since my observations are based
      primarily on interior Alaska birds, but it
      sure has the jizz of a Savannah to me.

      Nancy DeWitt

      --- In AKBirding@yahoogroups.com, Beth Peluso
      <bpeluso@...> wrote:
      > Nice photos Marguerite!
      > I think the unnamed sparrow is a Lincoln's--it has
      > buffy stripes on its face and very crisp streaks on
      > its chest, like someone wrote them with a
      > pen. I can't quite tell from the lighting if it has
      > buffy wash across the chest, but I think it might.
      > you remember what kind of habitat it was in?
      > tend to like boggy or brushy areas. Savannah
      > have a much brighter yellow on their face, like
      > someone colored them with a highlighter, and I've
      > them more in edge or open habitat.
      > If you want a good resource in addition to books, I
      > highly recommend "Birds of North America
      > only $40 or so per year to subscribe, and has full
      > species accounts, usally including descriptions on
      > variations, photos, and sound and video clips for
      > pretty much everything in N. America.
      > http://bna.birds.cornell.edu/BNA/
      > Here's BNA's little clip describing Lincoln's
      > Small sparrow, sexually monomorphic in plumage.
      > Usually solitary, highly secretive in behavior. Most
      > easily distinguished from other sparrows by its
      > wrenlike song. Plumage grayish brown with fine black
      > streaks and rusty edges on wings and tail; face and
      > side of necks more uniformly gray than in similar
      > sparrows; narrow buffy eye-ring. Broad, buffy chest
      > band with fine, black streaking continuing down the
      > flanks, contrasting with white belly, distinguishes
      > Lincoln's Sparrow from all other adult sparrows.
      > streaking sometimes converges into central chest
      > as in Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia). Total length
      > 13.5–15.3 cm, wing formula P9 > P4.
      > Beth Peluso, Juneau
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