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9772International Shorebird Counts on the World Shorebirds Day

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  • worldwaders
    Feb 18, 2014
      Dear Friends in Alaska,

      On 6-7 September an International Shorebird Counts will be held as a part of the event series of the World Shorebirds Day. We'd be thrilled if Alaskan birders would support this idea and would join this global event, supported by eBird.

      Please help us to make it a worldwide event. More details can be found in the blog of the special day.

      Don't worry about the early announcement. At this point we'd like to see the sites booked on the map. :)
      Thanks for your support and happy birding.

      Best wishes, Szimi
      Gyorgy Szimuly
      Coordinator of the World Shorebirds Day Event Series