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9691Swamp Sparrow still at Ava's house

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  • Cathy Foerster
    Jan 2, 2014
      Louann Feldman, Chris Maack, and I went to Seward today.  We waited patiently and saw the Swamp Sparrow at a few minutes before 2pm in its usual spot under the house and then on the ground just out from under the house.
      All the other usual beautiful birds were there, too -- Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers, RB Nuthatches, BC Chickadees, Juncos, Pine Siskins, Magpies, Ravens, Eagles, and Tree Sparrows.  Ava really appreciated the sunflower seeds that I brought her last weekend (when I got skunked on the Swamp Sparrow) and that Louann brought today.  With as many birds as Ava gets, she must blow through a ten-pound sack of seeds each day.
      We also went to Afognak Beach but the tide was too high; so no Killdeer seen or heard.
      We didn't look for the White-throated Sparrow because we all wanted to head on back to Anchorage before it got too dark and the roads worsened.
      Good luck to all of you going this weekend.  I wish you good weather and good birding.
      Cathy Foerster
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