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9680Alaska 300 Club Patches

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  • alaskabirder
    Dec 31, 2013
      Greetings Alaskan Birders,

           I have sent out the last of the 300 Club patches that I inherited from Steve Zimmerman and Mark Schawn. I have thoroughly researched having more made and none of the embroidery comapnies in Anchorage or Fairbanks will make less that 100! It will take at least 6 weeks to get new ones made.
          Please let me know if you will be submitting for the 300 Club in 2013 and if you would like a patch? Considering the fee for the artwork (the original artwork is no longer available) and the cost of having 100 patches made, I will no longer be able to give away the 300 patch as has been the tradition in the past.
         I only have about 10 of the "original" 200 Club patches and these are available for $11.00 (provided you have observed 200 or more species of countable birds in Alaska). Send the check to:

      Alaska 200 Club
      Ed Clark
      1929 Kittiwake Drive
      Fairbanks, Alaska 99709

      Thanks and have a great New Year,
      Ed Clark
      Alaska 200 & 300 & 400 Club