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9671Seward, 28 December - Swamp and White-throated sparrows, etc.

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  • Luke DeCicco
    Dec 29, 2013
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      Along with apparently many other birders, Brad Benter, Michelle, and I birded around Seward on Saturday (28 December). We were successful in seeing the WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at Lowell Point, very difficult bird to find. We stopped by Eva's late in the afternoon and immediately saw the SWAMP SPARROW, that was lucky! Also of note were 6 DUNLIN in with about 20 Rock Sandpipers of varying taxa, 1 YELLOW-BILLED LOON, and three GADWALL. We did not have time to look for the Killdeer or bird the town, and were unsuccessful at finding any Red-faced Cormorants. 

      All the best,
      Luke DeCicco