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9670Seward Swamp Sparrow 12/27

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  • kenaibirder
    Dec 28, 2013
      As Carol said, we did find the Swamp Sparrow at Ava's on Friday but only after much effort. We spent 2.5 very attentive but fruitless hours in the morning without seeing even a shadow of the bird. Cathy Foerster's diligent vigil there was even longer. We returned later in the day to be told that the sparrow had briefly appeared only minutes before. After an hour into our second vigil we finally viewed the bird at 3:45 PM in evening gloom and snow flurries. We were able to enjoy the bird on and off for approximately 5 minutes. Though the juncos and tree sparrows were present most of the day the Swamp Sparrow was more independent and elusive - at least on Friday, December 27. With Robin Collman's help we also viewed the Killdeer at Afognak Beach in the fading light of dusk at 4:30 PM and then rounded out our day by finding the male Hooded Merganser far up Clear Creek cavorting with Common Goldeneyes in the darkness at 5:00 PM. We had a very weak start but a strong finish to our outing.

      As always, much thanks goes to the resident Seward Birding Battalion. 

      Toby and Laura Burke
      Kenai, AK