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9213Friday, August 30, 2013 Peregrine Falcon in Seward

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  • c_griz
    Sep 1, 2013
      As I got out of my car near
      the Seward Post Office on Friday afternoon, I heard a loud, eerie, descending
      "whinny". I grabbed my binoculars and started looking for a raptor.
      An unusually quiet MAGPIE flew discreetly away from the source and completely
      disappeared into the dense branches of a nearby spruce tree. Smart bird!


      I scanned the trees to the
      north and found a PEREGRINE stroking powerfully down the block and out of
      sight. I was unable to refind it after a short chase, which was disappointing
      but understandable. Given its power and speed, it could have been on top of Mt
      Marathon to the west or over Resurrection Bay to the east in that short time.


      How amazing that such a regal
      bird was in the heart of Seward, unheralded and mostly unknown! That is one of
      the intriguing and fascinating aspects of birds; you just never know when or
      where they might pop up. Be ready!


      Happy Birding!

      Carol Griswold

      Seward Alaska Sporadic Bird Report