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  • Anthony Newcomer
    Jun 23, 2013
      So I have not posted in a while. But cool lifers have been acquired these past 2 weekends. The first being a hike up the south peak of Rendezvous Peak of Arctic Valley. Still needing high birds for my lifer, my friend Bill and I found a Rock Ptarmigan couple. We sat and observed for many minutes. They were quite unconcerned about us. They ate and pruned themselves. Being just a 13ft away got great looked of the large red mark on the head. The male was still very much white but his mate was in her seasonal plumage. It was a scorcher of a day on Father's Day.

      Today Bill and I went out again early in the morning. Destination Potter's Marsh. Low an behold we saw several teals. Upon closer inspection one ended up being a Blue-winged teal:) Got great looks at the large crescent white face mark and the grayish blue head that separated it from the Green-winged teals. We watched for several minutes. Nearing the end of the walk I decided to look for it again and it left:( Timing really is everything in birding.

      Both birds are ones I have been wanting since I started this. But for one reason or another they have evaded me until now. Not through lack of effort either. The old cliche "good things come to those who wait.":) is rather apropos.

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