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8423Bohemian waxwings in south Anchorage

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  • Pam
    Mar 1, 2013
      This afternoon as I checked the mailbox, the largest flock of Bohemian waxwings I have ever seen flew right over me. It was at least 1000+ birds, swirling, twirling, landing in trees then simultaneously flying of into a whorl. More flocks kept flying in and joining the main body. It was amazing to see, but the sound of thousands of beating wings as they changed directions was incredible. This was during our afternoon snow, the light fluffy flakes that just floated down. Then the flock landed in several trees, then took off - flying everywhere high in the sky, scattering in every direction. I wondered if they were playing with the snow? Has anyone else seen this number of birds around Anchorage? I wouldn't be surprised if the aggregate number is over 2K. I'm lousy with numbers, but this was stunning.

      Pamela Eldridge
      south Anchorage between Huffman and DeArmoun/Old Seward/New Seward