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6670Re: Fw: [AK Birding] Bohemian waxwings and European Starlings

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  • Louann Feldmann
    Nov 1, 2011
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      I have seen recently (besides lots of Bohemian Waxwings) a couple flocks
      of birds in berry trees that I was disappointed to discover were
      Starlings, most recently today around Raspberry and C Street,
      Anchorage. Bummer! Louann Feldmann PS Just before the snow the Great
      Gray Owl was still on the corner of C and Tudor. Haven't looked since.
      Louann Feldmann
      On 10/31/2011 9:12 PM, Anita Gomez wrote:
      > Ah ha, so that's what they are? I was not close but thought that
      > might be European Starlings. One question on the starlings are they
      > still around and has anybody see any my son wan't to hunt them. I
      > know when we had the last tour of Westchester/Lake Hood last year we
      > saw Starling then. So I'm thinking they are still around, any help on
      > this subject would be appreciated.
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      > They're back with a vengeance. I've seen healthy flocks of them at
      > University Lake, Loussac Library, and my front yard. And, if I got
      > out more, I'm sure I'd have seen them in other spots.
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      > Subject: [AK Birding] Bohemian waxwings
      > Heard they are back. That excites me since I find them entertaining.
      > Today I saw 2 separate flocks of around 50 birds in the
      > Spenard/Minnesota area. This was my first sighting for them this winter.
      > Anthony
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