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518Homer trip report

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  • Luke DeCicco
    Jan 1 10:41 PM
      Hello all,
      Well, here's Nick's and my Homer trip report, we just had to get out
      of Interior for a bit.

      We left Fairbanks on the morning of the 26th, stayed in Anchorage
      through the night of the 26th where we picked up Sean Fitzgeral
      (another young birder from WI). Then headed to Homer between the
      27th and the 30th, drove all the way back to Fairbanks on the 30th
      as well.

      Fairbanks to Anchorage, not much, 2 Northern Hawk Owls, some White-
      winged Crossbills and that's about it.

      Anchorage: Went up to Arctic Valley with David Sonneborn, White-
      tailed Ptarmigan (lifer for all except Sonneborn), a bunch of
      Willows, and a flock of Bohemian Waxwings.

      Anchorage to Homer: 7 Trumpeter Swans on Kenai Lake, 1 American
      Dipper on the river, Barrow's Goldeneye also along the river, 1
      Spruce Grouse and 2 Northern Shrik.

      Soldotna dump: Slaty-backed Gull (1 adult, nice looking bird), and 1
      Thayer's Gull.

      Homer: Huge numbers of Rock Sandpipers (2400 counted in one flock,
      estimating 4000+ total in Homer), DUNLIN (1 bird found in a large
      flock of Rock Sandpipers), Yellow-billed Loon, more Black Scoters
      than I have ever seen, Steller's Eiders (20-50 daily), Think-billed
      Murre (2), no thrushes, HARRIS'S SPARROW (the one at the
      Kleinleder's feeders), WHITE-THROATED SPARROW (1 in Homer, off of
      East End Road), large numbers of Gray-crowned Rosy-finches, and
      Eurasian Wigeon (1 male).

      That's a breif summary of birds of note from our trip. Overall we
      had an awesome time. Total list for the trip is at 72 species.

      Also first bird of the year for me was yet again Black-capped

      Hope all is well, Happy New Year, and good birding in 2006!!!
      Luke DeCicco
      Fairbanks AK (where my year list is now up to 4 species)