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3963The Cassin's Finch

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  • wkeys_99503
    Mar 1, 2009
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      The drive to Seward and back was 5 hours of snow, wind, and white-out, but it only
      took 60 seconds to find the bird thanks to Robin.
      But here's the question I always have when a celebrity bird shows up in town. Just how
      rare is the Cassins Finch in Alaska? George West's book lists sightings in Homer in 1985
      and 1992, and on Middleton Island in 1991.
      There is NO MENTION AT ALL of the Cassins in the checklists of Ketchikan, Juneau,
      Cordova, or Kodiak, and no mention in Buz's Anchorage book.
      So is this only the 4th record, or are other sightings just too infrequent to even get
      listed as "accidental" in those other areas?
      Dan, Steve, and Thede's new Alaska list shows Cassins Finch as "Casual," but they also
      list "accidental" as 1 or 2 Alaska Records.
      So if anybody has any more clarification, we're begging you to throw us a bone here.

      Also, one point of etiquette. If you go to see the Cassins and you're in the carport
      waiting for the bird, when you lean against the wall to be more comfortable, DON'T lean
      on the doorbell button. You can't hear the doorbell in the house, but the dog can. He
      barks, all the birds fly away, and it takes a really long time for you to figure out what an
      idiot you really are.

      w keys