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3807Winter Harlan's Hawk

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  • Aaron Lang
    Dec 1, 2008
      Today (12/1) I photographed HARLAN'S HAWK near mile 10 Copper River Highway on the Copper River Delta near Cordova. Harlan's are rare at any season in Cordova, and the latest migrants usually pass through the delta by the end of October. I think this may be the first winter record for the Cordova area. I'm curious to know if others have recorded Harlan's in winter elsewhere in the state. Anyone from southeast out there?

      Other raptors from the Copper River delta from the last two days include: GYRFALCON (1), MERLIN (1), BALD EAGLE (scads), GREAT-HORNED OWL (1) and NORTHERN HAWK-OWL (4). Lots of folks have mentioned that they've seen Hawk Owls around this fall/winter.

      Aaron Lang

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