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3653Swans at Potter's Marsh

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  • Karen
    Oct 1, 2008
      To those who have seen the TUNDRA swans at Potter's Marsh, have they
      been at the very south pull-out only? I've been several times, and
      have only seen Trumpeter's thus far (posted photos the AKPEAC album).

      Also posted a photo of a pair of very confused juvenile Trumpeters who
      landed on University Lake. Didn't seem bothered by the dogs at all.
      Actually, that dog park is a great place for birding. There was a
      belted kingfisher hanging out there for awhile a few weeks ago. Of
      course, never when I had my camera. I can't say that I recall ever
      seeing a kingfisher (belted or otherwise) in Anchorage before...are
      they common?

      Karen (Anchorage)
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