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3310Gambell: misc updates/arrivals, 5/27-28

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  • Paul Lehman
    May 28, 2008
      During the past two days (27-28 May) at Gambell, the following were seen
      (or not seen):

      The Dusky Thrush ended up staying two days, 26-27 May, but was not seen
      today. The first White Wagtail of the season arrived today, in town. The
      fog/overcast finally lifted enough this morning that we checked the
      alcid-covered mountain slope and found 5 or 6 Dovekies in their usual
      area. The Black Turnstone is still present today, for day #3. One or two
      Lesser Sand-Plovers have been seen very sporadically (like only about
      once per day) the past three days. The Brambling continues.

      The season's first Arctic Loons (3) passed the point yesterday and
      today. Another Red-throated Pipit was seen, a couple more Bluethroats, 5
      additional Northern Wheatears. From the North American mainland came a
      male SURF Scoter on 27 May, my personal first-ever at Gambell, as well
      as a Least Sandpiper (very rare, but one or two each of the past four
      springs), and a constantly singing "Sooty" Fox Sparrow that must think
      it has found "home." Also a Greater W-f Goose and three more Red-necked

      --Paul Lehman
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