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33Seward - W. Screech Owl and Red Crossbills

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  • Gordon Tans
    Apr 2, 2005
      Thanks to this group, still less than a month old, Peggy and I have also
      have found a new Alaska bird. Last night, April 1, we heard Western Screech
      Owl in the location previously reported by Thede Tobish. Specifically, in
      Seward, along Wilma Avenue in the vicinity of Cindy Avenue. To find Wilma
      Avenue leave the Seward Highway by turning west on Exit Glacier Road. In
      about 200 yards turn right on Old Exit Glacier Road. In approximately 1.0
      mile turn left (south) on Wilma and proceed to the intersection with Cindy

      An alternate route to Wilma Ave is to take Exit Glacier Road approximately
      1.1 mile west from the intersection of Exit Glacier and Old Exit Glacier,
      and turn right (north) on Wilma. At this intersection Wilma is not marked,
      but there is a stop sign on Wilma that is easily seen from Exit Glacier Rd.

      From 10:45 to 11:30 pm, the screech owl was heard very well from Wilma Ave.
      near Cindy. (You can hope the party at the house at Wilma and Cindy is over
      by the time you get there.) The owl could also be heard (rather faintly)
      from both Exit Glaicer Road and Old Exit Glacier Road easterly of Wilma.

      Also of note in Seward on April 2 -- about a dozen Red Crossbills easily
      seen at a very active feeder behind the house at 412 First in "downtown"
      Seward. The feeder can be observed conveniently from the alley behind the

      Gordon Tans
      Anchorage, Alaska

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