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3290Gambell: 7 more Ivories, Lesser Sand-Plover

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  • Paul Lehman
    May 26, 2008
      It is late morning on 26 Sep and we have light west winds, some snow
      falling, and temp of 32 degrees with a wind-chill of 23...This morning
      two groups totaling 7 adult Ivory Gulls flew right by near the Point.
      One group was actually calling (a lifer audio for me); they give a
      cricket-like call somewhat like Aleutian Tern call. So that makes 9
      Ivory Gulls so far since I arrived on the 23rd, and all of them adults,
      which is odd. Also 7 more Spectacled Eiders today, the four-day total of
      Black Guillemots is now over 60, there a up to 20+ Steller's Eiders per
      day (including groups of birds on the water in full display), daily
      single-digits of Y-b Loons, and two evening flights of Pomarine Jaegers
      each with 100+ birds.

      There was an influx of shorebirds today, with a Lesser Sand-Plover
      appearing in the marsh below the culvert--where the best shorebirding is
      currently. Also there is a Red-throated Pipit and a displaying Wilson's
      Snipe, the fourth year in a row there's been displaying Wilson's there
      (very rare offshore here).

      Yesterday there was a "Mostly McKay's" Bunting (male). Rough-legged Hawk
      is back again this year, nest-building on the mountainside. Continuing
      Short-eared Owl. There has been too much fog on the mountain to be able
      to check yet to see if the Dovekies are back. Big increase in alcid
      numbers starting yesterday, with the parade of many, many tens of
      thousands past the Point now.

      --Paul Lehman
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