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2309RE: [AK Birding] Red-eyed Vireo

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  • Carla Corin
    Jul 1, 2007
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      Well, another check of the Campbell Creek bike trail later this afternoon
      didn't turn up anything resembling a vireo. I'll keep checking throughout
      the week. It might have been my ears playing tricks. It just seemed like an
      interesting coincidence, since I hadn't seen Thede's message yet, and the
      two spots are probably less than 2 miles apart as the bird flies.

      Carla Corin

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      That's interesting! We just (2:15 Sunday) returned from a dog-walk along the
      Campbell Creek bike trail. Somewhere between Taku Lake (76th Ave.) and the
      railroad bridge, or maybe a bit past the railroad bridge (n. of Taku Lake)
      I heard a bird (a way off on the west side of the creek) that (to my
      originally east-coast ears) immediately brought red-eyed vireo to mind. I
      thought naah, it must be a lazy robin a ways off, and I didn't pay more
      attention. I'll check again.

      Carla Corin

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