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1031Gambell update - 5/31 (Ruff times at Gambell)

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  • Phil Davis
    Jun 1, 2006

      Early this morning, Paul Lehman checked the airport ponds and found six
      female RUFFS ... the numbers continued to grow to a total of 31 Ruffs, with
      seven of them displaying breeding-plumage males in all assortments of
      colors! An incredible sight, for sure! For the rest of the day, Ruffs were
      also found in the "near" marsh, the south marsh, and flying around other areas.

      A very cooperative RED-THROATED PIPIT was found in the circular boneyard
      and gave good views to all.

      A cooperative EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL was also displaying and singing in the
      circular boneyard.

      A WHITE WAGTAIL was seen flying over the far boneyard.

      We found two RED-NECKED STINTS at the ponds at the south end of Troutmann Lake.

      The VENT group found a COMMON GREENSHANK at the "near marsh."

      From the other direction, the island's second Violet-Green Swallow was seen.

      Mostly a clear, sunny, warm day in Gambell today. A very good day of
      birding ...

      Phil Davis
      High Lonesome BirdTours
      (currently in Gambell)

      Phil Davis
      Davidsonville, MD